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    Hong Cheon Woong Geon

    $299.00 (AUD)
    A scientific blend of red ginseng and medicinal herbs, this product gives energy to mid-aged males with additional benefits of improving the immune system, stimulating sexual function, and promoting the recovery from chronic fatigue.

    KRG Extract Capsule

    $205.00 (AUD)
    Particularly favored by female consumers for being offered in the form of capsules with the contents obtained by blending the concentrated extract of red ginseng roots as the main component and the grape seed oil, lecithin and wheat germ oil as the subsidiary components. BUY 2 GET 20% OFF Now !!

    KRG Extract Everytime

    $159.00 (AUD)
    A 'take-out' style red ginseng extract product offered in the format of stick-type pouch for convenient carriage and consumption wherever and whenever appropriate produced by blending only 100% of red ginseng and pure distilled water.

    KRG Cheon Nok Ext. Convenience

    $395.00 (AUD)
    Reliable and safe premium extract product from deer antlers for recovery of vigor produced with the same high level of commitment and principles of Cheong-Kwan-Jang as were applied to the production of red ginseng products.

    Goodbase Black Garlic Korean Red Ginseng

    $79.00 (AUD)
    A black garlic product for recovery of daily vitality obtained by blending strong concentrated extract of black garlic with the concentrated extract from 6 year old red ginseng roots. (30 Pouches*1 Box)

    KRG Hwal Ki Ryeok(Vital Tonic)

    $39.00 (AUD)
    This product is produced in the form of ampoules by blending the concentrated extract from 6-year-old red ginseng roots, the vegetable components such as ginger, jujube, Chinese matrimony vine, schisandra, milk vetch root and others and vitamin C for drinking for recovery from fatigue and reinstatement of body balances.