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Roots Heaven Grade 15ji 300g

Roots Heaven Grade 15ji 300g
Roots Heaven Grade 15ji 300g
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Tags: 뿌리 , 천삼 , 15지

Dosage Korean red ginseng is very hard. For best results, wet Korean red ginseng a bit and then microwave it for about 20sec (small) to 35sec(large). Cut it in about 1~2cm or chips and then decoct it. ※ Be careful not to injure your hands when cutting Korean red ginseng. If you have an extractor for decocting at home, you may use it. If not, please decoct Korean red ginseng as follows: About 2 L of water per 100g of ginseng roots is used. Then take 90 ml* 1~3 times daily.
Volume 150g : 7 roots / 300g : 14 roots / 600g : 28 roots
Chinese 天參具有完美的人形結構,顱頭參體飽滿。并擁有完整的兩條腿。内部組織密集堅固,養分均衡。經過多個階段的挑選才能得到的極品,占高麗參總產量的0.5%。
Korean 하늘이 내려준 천삼(天蔘) 홍삼 중 상위 0.5% 수준에 해당되는 가장 귀한 홍삼으로서, 균열과 흠집이 없는 표면과 치밀하고 견고한 내부조직, 잘 발달된 2개의 각부(다리)를 갖춘 최상급 홍삼입니다.

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