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KRG Extract Heaven

Korean Red Ginseng Extract made by concentrating the top 0.5% Heaven Grade ginseng, handpicked by our Korean Red Ginseng master among 6-years-grown Korean Red Ginseng. Each product is tracked by its own serial number, a testament to its premium status. Express your exceptional gratitude with the gift of CheongKwanJang's premium, high-class Korean Red Ginseng Extract.

Premium high-class

Premium, high-class Korean Red Ginseng Extract made by concentrating the top 0.5%, Heaven Grade.

A brand with 100 years of tradition

CheongKwanJang's Korean Red Ginseng Extract is made from 100% Korean Red Ginseng with KGC's 100 years of know-how and devotion.

High-class packaging

Contained in a hand-forged bronze bottle (Korean traditional bronzeware) and packaged in a Korean traditional wooden box with a hand-forged bronze spoon.

Immunity-boosting elixir

Made from extracting and concentrating Korean Red Ginseng with 100 years of knowhow, it contains a consistent composition of active components and greatly boosts immunity.

Highly Recommended for Those

Premium Korean Red Ginseng concentrated extract
For those who want to enjoy Korean Red Ginseng Concentrated Extract made from the top 0.5% Cheonsam (Heaven Grade Korean Red Ginseng)

Premium gift

For those looking to give premium Korean Red Ginseng as a gift
For those who are looking for 100% pure Korean Red Ginseng
For those who want to boost a run down immune system


Red ginseng concentrate(6-year-old, solid 68%, Ginsenoside Rg1+Rb1+Rg3 6.4 mg/g, Korean) 100% / raw material mixing ratio : red ginseng body(Heaven) 100%

Dosage 3 times a day, 1g a time
Volume 200g*1Btl
Chinese 只選用六年根紅參中品質最優的0.5%(天參)爲原料,進行提取、濃縮,制成獻給尊貴客人的高級紅參濃縮液商品。
Korean 6년근 홍삼 중 상위 0.5%의 우수한 천삼만을 추출, 농축하여 귀한 분께 쓰이도록 만든 고품격 프리미엄 홍삼농축액 상품입니다.

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