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    Goodbase Balloon Flower Root & Pear & Smooth Loofah

    $79.00 (AUD)
    Simple habit for the family to stay healthy every day, especially when the seasons change. (30 Pouches*1 Box)

    Goodbase Oriental Raisin Tree Korean Red Ginseng

    $85.00 (AUD)
    Healthy habit for those who want to feel refreshed every morning! (30 Pouches*1 Box)

    Hongsamwon D

    $21.00 (AUD)
    Korean red ginseng drink containing 6 Years grown Korean Red Ginseng and other herbal ingredients (10 bottles*1box)

    Hongsamwon Pouch Gold

    $89.00 (AUD)
    A red ginseng beverage made from Cheong-Kwan-Jang 6 year old red ginseng roots that can be consumed by everybody. (60 Pouches*1 Box)

    KRG Extract Everytime

    $159.00 (AUD)
    A 'take-out' style red ginseng extract product offered in the format of stick-type pouch for convenient carriage and consumption wherever and whenever appropriate produced by blending only 100% of red ginseng and pure distilled water.