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    KRG Tonic Mild 60 pouches

    $210.00 (AUD)
    The concentrated extract of 6 year old red ginseng roots (main component) augmented with wholesome traditional additives such as peony, angelica gigas, cnidium and milk vetch root for easy consumption with soft and mild tastes. Exp date is 12/2022

    Pure Extract - Cut Root

    $280.00 (AUD)
    A pure red ginseng product with enhanced features for consumption convenience obtained by extracting the active ingredients intact with the expertise accumulated over 110 years by using 6 year old red ginseng roots only. (30 Pouches in a Box)

    Goodbase Balloon Flower Root & Pear & Smooth Loofah

    $79.00 (AUD)
    Simple habit for the family to stay healthy every day, especially when the seasons change. (30 Pouches*1 Box)

    Goodbase Oriental Raisin Tree Korean Red Ginseng

    $85.00 (AUD)
    Healthy habit for those who want to feel refreshed every morning! (30 Pouches*1 Box)

    Goodbase Blueberry Korean Red Ginseng

    $79.00 (AUD)
    A blueberry product obtained by blending strong and sweet concentrated extract of blueberry and the concentrated extract of 6 year old red ginseng roots. (30 Pouches*1 Box)

    KRG Cheon Nok Ext. Convenience

    $395.00 (AUD)
    Reliable and safe premium extract product from deer antlers for recovery of vigor produced with the same high level of commitment and principles of Cheong-Kwan-Jang as were applied to the production of red ginseng products.